Team Q&A: Kellie Youles

Get to know our Onboarding Specialist Kelly Youles

Kellie Youles 

Onboarding Specialist 

Kellie is Neo’s Onboarding Specialist and is responsible for ensuring a smooth setup process for clients. She joined the team in 2020.

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1. Tell us a bit about yourself.  

I grew up in East London but moved to an island off the Essex coast around five years ago. I’m married with two children (Arron is six, Sidney is three and, yes, I called a girl Sidney!). I started out working in onboarding for a spread betting firm when I was 17 and have since worked for a couple of different forex and payment services companies before landing at Neo. In my spare time we like to go to the park or take a walk down to the beach with the kids. I am very fortunate to be able to work from home so I can be there for the school run and emergencies.  

2. Tell us about your role at Neo

I am responsible for the initial part of the onboarding process. I am quite often the main point of contact for clients sending documents for onboarding and I’m responsible for making sure the process is as smooth as possible for them. 

3. What leadership skills and qualities are important in your position at Neo? 

It’s important to be organised and communicate clearly; to make sure everyone knows their responsibilities and that we know our priorities and meet our deadlines. It’s also very important that we support each other. 

4. How has the treasury landscape changed during your time in the industry and at Neo? 

In the 23 years I have worked in the industry, everything has changed. Compliance was often one person – maybe two at a push – and now compliance has really established itself as a big part of any company. Over the course of six years in my role at a payment firm, we went from one person (just me) to eight, covering pre- and post-transaction monitoring as well as onboarding. With all new regulations being introduced and updated so often, it will continue to grow. The importance of a fully functioning compliance team is no longer being overlooked. At Neo, we’re building a really strong international compliance team.   

5. How do you see it changing in the next 5-10 years? 

Everything will become digital; I can really see us becoming a cashless society before too long. Luckily, Neo is presenting a great platform that can really deliver, so I expect we will be at the forefront, continuing to develop great tech for our clients and delivering on all levels.