Legal terms

General access and usage conditions

The owner of (the “Website”) is the company Neo Group which operates under the brand “Neo.” Neo Group is composed of the following companies:

Neo Capital Ventures S.L.

The holding company of the group.  

  • Registered date: 02.09.2016  
  • Registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, Volume 45578, Sheet 159 and Page B 492473  
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN): B66850322  
  • Board of directors is composed by M. Emmanuel Anton (President), M. Laurent Descout (CEO), Mathias Ifergan (Vice President)  
  • Auditors: BDO Auditores SLP  

Neo Capital Markets S.V., S.A.

An investment enterprise (Sociedad de Valores) registered with the Spanish CNMV under number 283  

  • Registered date: 15.11.2016  
  • Registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, Volume 45677, Sheet 96 and Page B 495523  
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN): A66888595  
  • LEI: 213800V8S6SAU9X2LX23  
  • Member of the Spanish investment guarantee fund (“FOGAIN”)  

Neo Payment Factory, S.L.

A payment entity registered with Bank of Spain under number 6891  

  • Registered date: 15.07.2019  
  • Registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, Volume 47004, Sheet 33 and Page 537860  
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN): B67475111  
  • LEI: 9845009A5A41A662B402  

Neo Fintech Lab, S.L.

A software company specialised in financial software solutions.  

  • Registered date: 08.11.2016  
  • Registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona, Volume 45654, Sheet 108 and Page B494761  
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN): B66886524 

Registered address: C/ Travessera de Gracia 18, 3-3 08021 Barcelona 



Customer Service:

Telephone: (+34) 93.853.86.38 

Neo Capital Ventures S.L. holds 100% of the shares and voting rights in each of Neo Capital Markets S.V., S.A, Neo Payment Factory, S.L. and Neo Fintech Lab, S.L.

Access to the Website

These General Access and Usage Conditions regulate access to and usage of the Neo website made available to internet users. The objective is to provide the user with information on Neo and its products and/or services.

Access to and use of the Website by the user implies acceptance of these General Access and Usage Conditions, as well as the website Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

Therefore, we request that you read the General Access and Usage Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies policies carefully when using the Website as these may be adapted and/or modified at any time.

If you do not accept the General Conditions, we request that you do not use the Website or its content.

Website Usage

The user shall commit to making diligent use of the Website, as well as the information relating to products and/or services contained within it, subject to applicable regulations such as the General Access and Usage Conditions.

Equally, the user shall not commit any act with the objective of damaging, disabling and/or overloading the Website which would impede normal usage and/or functioning in any way.

The user is informed that if they do not comply with the General Access and Usage Conditions or any other terms or conditions on the Website, Neo reserves the right to limit, suspend and/or cancel access to the Website, adopting any technical measures which may be necessary for this purpose.

Neo shall make a concerted effort to maintain the Website in good working order, avoiding errors and, where necessary, repairing these and keeping the Website content up to date. However, this does not guarantee availability, access continuity and the elimination of content errors, nor that these shall be updated promptly.

Neo reserves the right to carry out, at any time and without the need for prior warning, modifications, deletions and/or updates to the information contained on the Website, its configuration or presentation.


Both access to the Website and the usage of any information contained in it are the sole responsibility of the user.

Neo is not responsible for any damages and/or harm which may arise, directly or indirectly, from access or use of the information contained on the Website and, especially not from any information relating to third parties separate from Neo, including but not limited to, those produced by information systems or caused by a virus and/or IT attacks. It is also not responsible for any damage caused to users due to inadequate use of the Website or drops, interruptions or the absence of and/or defects in communications.

In addition, Neo is not responsible for any harm and/or damage to a user’s software or hardware derived from access to the Website.

The user shall respond to any harm and damage that Neo may suffer as a consequence of non-compliance with any of the obligations they are subject to by virtue of these General Access and Usage Conditions or applicable legislation in relation to the Website.

Links policy

A) Website links

Any third parties wishing to include links on their website (“Linking Sites”) directed to the Website must have the prior, express and written consent of Neo.

The permission granted by Neo shall never mean that it approves, promotes, guarantees, supervises and/or recommends the content and/or services of the Linking Site nor that it is responsible for the content of the latter.

The Linking Site must comply with current legislation and may not ever host its own or third party content which (i) is illicit and/or harmful (violent, racist, degrading, etc.); or (ii) is inappropriate or irrelevant to the activity of Neo.

The Linking Site must set up a link to the Neo home page. This shall be a direct link, without any modification or reproduction of the website, and protecting the author’s rights.

If there is non-compliance with any of the terms referred to above, Neo shall, immediately, revoke the consent granted to the Linking Site who must then delete the link.

In order to establish website links, requests must be sent to the following email address:

B) Links to other websites

The Website may include different links allowing users to access other websites (“Linked sites”).

The existence of Linked Sites shall never imply the recommendation, promotion, identification and/or conformity of Neo with the statements, content and/or services provided through the Linked Sites. Therefore, Neo is not responsible for the content, usage conditions, privacy policies or any other conditions of the Linked Sites. The user is solely responsible for checking and accepting these every time they access and use the Linked Sites.

Industrial and Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights for designs, databases, sub-adjacent computer programmes (including the source codes), as well as the different elements integrated in the website (text, graphics, photographs, videos, sound recordings, colour combinations etc.) (“Content”), their structure, selection and order are the property of Neo and where appropriate, their licensors. In relation to the distinguishing marks included in the website (brands and commercial names), these are the property of Neo or their licensors.

Use of the website by the user does not imply that Neo has granted any right to intellectual and/or industrial property of the website and its content.

By virtue of these General Access and Usage Conditions, the user is expressly prohibited from reproducing, changing, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting or any other form of expressly unauthorised distribution of the website, content and/or distinctive signs by Neo.

Unauthorised use of the content, as well as any damage caused to intellectual and property rights of Neo may lead to the use of legal action, and the responsibilities derived from this.

Personal data protection

Elements related to the processing of website users’ personal data are regulated by the Website Privacy Policy.

Applicable legislation and relevant jurisdiction

Access and use of the website shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation.

If any conflict or discrepancy arises from the interpretation and/or application of the General Access and Usage Conditions, the relevant courts shall use the applicable legal regulations related to the relevant jurisdiction of consumers and users.

Neo is a firm advocate of providing quality services, putting customer satisfaction at the center of its activity. To this end, Neo has drawn up these regulations that regulate the activity, the internal rules and the operation of the customer service, as well as the procedure for processing and resolving complaints and claims that Neo customers may submit.