Neo solutions

Rebuilding corporate finance from the ground up with a fresh approach, proprietary technology and zero legacy.

Customised FX advisory

Our experts make a customised analysis of your FX Risk.

As each business is different, we help you select the most suitable instruments based on the specific needs of your company. We help you step-by-step from the definition of your program to its implementation.

  • Identify & quantify FX risk
  • Define a suitable FX risk management policy
  • Implement & monitor effectiveness

FX Market Watch

Get market information in real time and forget about expensive FX terminals.

Your account comes with market data access embedded. You can track spot and forward rates in real time.

  • 90 currencies quoted in real time
  • Spot and forward prices
  • Available on any device

Spot FX

Neo offers spot FX in over 20 currencies.

Purchased currencies are paid directly to your multi-currency wallet. You can manage your money in your wallets and transfer it to the bank or payment service provider of your choice.

You can use your wallets to store purchased currencies or simply receive the difference in your base currency.

  • Competitive FX rates
  • Committed pricing
  • 100% transparent

Hedge your risk over 90 currencies

We operate in 90 currencies to allow you to implement a truly global hedging strategy for your operations.

We can help you hedge risk linked to exotic currencies such as the Brazilian Real, Korean Won, Chinese Yuan & more.

  • Forwards, options, swaps
  • Exotic currencies
  • Up to 12 months hedging

Automate & optimise using orders

Define your FX scenarios and program actions.

You can take advantage of market upsides while protecting yourself from downturn.

Orders can be adjusted automatically via API.

  • Resting orders
  • Spot & forward orders
  • Execution strategies