Team Q&A: Reece Mathurin

Get to know our Senior Developer Reece Mathurin

Reece Mathurin

Reece Mathurin

Senior Developer

Reece is a senior developer at Neo and is responsible for new back-end functionality and features for our product. He joined the team in 2018.

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1. Tell us a bit about yourself.  

I was born and raised in London, which has led me to fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who you ask!) become a lifelong supporter of Arsenal Football Club. Food is one of my other passions, and when I’m not exploring new restaurants, I’m at home trying to whip up a unique recipe of my own. Before joining Neo, I had a solutions role for a digital outdoor advertising campaigns firm and I’ve spent the last seven years as a developer working with different technologies and tech stacks. 

2. Tell us about your role at Neo

I am a senior developer at Neo, which covers a wide range of roles in my day-to-day work. This involves splitting my time between project managing and planning with team leads and product owners. My role also requires me to have a hands-on approach to the new back-end functionality and features of products, which entails working with other developers and quality assurance. 

3. What leadership skills and qualities are important in your position at Neo? 

There are many skills and qualities that are crucial to my position at Neo. One of them is being adaptable, as I need to be able to think on my feet and quickly come up with solutions to various technical challenges. Being agile is also key to ensuring that I am making informed decisions and that the end-to-end development process is as smooth as possible, as I work with various departments and convey technical concepts to them. Working as a developer means constantly having to keep up with and learn about the latest technologies to deliver the best product and I find being driven helps me to stay on top of this.

4. How has the treasury landscape changed during your time in the industry and at Neo? 

While Neo is the first role I have had in the industry, my work has made me notice that companies are becoming more aware and more willing to take advantage of the ever-growing digital landscape for their cash management needs. While my experience in finance is limited, it’s clear that we are in an extremely exciting time to be in the industry.

5. How do you see the industry changing in the next 5-10 years? 

Recently, we have seen a lot of fintech start-ups innovating and challenging retail banks and legacy platforms. I think this will continue and we will see more improvements that make the treasury landscape simpler and cheaper for business of all sizes. Another change to the industry that I hope to see in the future is more analytics to help fine-tune workflows. I strongly believe that Neo will be at the forefront of these changes to the treasury landscape and am delighted to play an important role in delivering them and rebuilding corporate finance from the ground up.